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  • Saturday, December 23, 2006
    Making money online from PPC programs such as Adsense or YPN usually means you need to have at least one website. For a professional look most free hosting companies don’t balance out with the image you need to portray to be taken seriously, by Adsense and your visitors. Free hosting companies are notorious for showing their own ads, banning sites set up for commerce, rationing out bandwidth and giving out urls that look like yoursite.somehostingcompany.com.
    Now lets say you go with the run-of-the-mill free hosting companies and get all the lovely features I just mentioned. You set up your site, put a few pages up with some content and apply for inclusion to Adsense. In about a couple days you get an email from Google thanking you for your application but politely declining to admit your site.

    What probably happened is this. Spammers sometimes use free hosting companies to set up made-for-adsense only pages with only content pulled from other sites and keyword rich but offering no real value. When Google catches up to them and bans their account they note the domain from which that offending account was located. So if they start to blacklist somehostingcompany.com and your site is located at yoursite.someostingcompany.com then its a case of you being on the wrong host at the wrong time.

    Thats where Doteasy comes in.I’ve dealt with them for a few sites years ago and never had a problem. You get your hosting free with them with some of the features that you would expect from a bargain hosting plan, but there is a catch. You have to register a domain name with them to be eligible for the free hosting. This isn’t a bad thing, you actually end up paying less overall than you would if you registered your domain on your own and got some budget hosting and getting a good domain name should be one of the first steps you make.

    Doteasy throws in 10 personalized email addresses, 100MB of hosting, 1GB of bandwidth, free site design tools and support. Not bad for free with no forced advertising and perfect for a basic site which you can build on. They do have paid hosting plans that you can upgrade to should your needs grow.

    Adsense millionaires and those who make in the six figure range annually will more often than not preach about having Adsense on more than one website to maximize the exposure. With Doteasy free hosting, you just got one step closer to making that happen.
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