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  • Saturday, December 23, 2006
    There is really no doubting that there are amazing incomes currently being made on Google Adsense and the really interesting thing is that even relatively small sites and blogs are finding new ways to make money from their Adsense sites every day.
    Actually there are a lot of increasingly creative ways to make money and maximize on Adsense earnings that are being discovered and also being put to use every day. And what’s even more fascinating is the fact that most of these tools being used don’t cost anything. They are actually free. Here are 7 of the most effective currently being used.

    a) Ways to make money from Adsense by Distributing articles through ezine and article announcement lists
    Some of the most effective methods ways to make money from Adsense clicks involve the simple step of just increasing the volume of targeted traffic to a site. One of the ways of doing this is by distributing interesting content to ezine lists and article announcement lists. It is not too difficult to quickly build a list that reaches a million or so email boxes and can thus give a lot of visibility and drive tons of highly targetd traffic to your Adsense site or sites. Probably the most popular place for doing this is at Yahoo groups, but there are a few others that you can find easily by using your favorite search engine.
    Success here depends on three main factors. Firstly you should be careful to join article announcement lists and ezine lists that are as relevant as possible to your subject matter and offering. Secondly your headline has to be a killer headline that will grab readers by the scruffs of their necks and force them to open your email message amongst the dozens or even hundreds of others they receive daily. It goes without saying that the content must meet the promise of your sensational headline. Anything less will cause annoyance and leave all those potential visitors to your Adsense site feeling cheated. And believe me, you don’t want to cause this sort of reaction because it is definitely not one of the ways o make money from Adsense or any other program for that matter. Thirdly, you will need the sort of resource box in all your articles that will leave most of your readers with no option but to visit your Adsense site.
    Within a very short of consistently applying this technique, my daily Adsense earnings increased seven-fold.

    b) Ways to make money from Adsense by Distributing free articles to high traffic article sites Some people find the recent trends that have seen an increase in article sites surprising. I don’t. The net is primarily an information-seeking tool. Anything that will help improve the search and quality of information will greatly benefit the people making that effort.
    Some of the older article directories receive very high traffic, mainly from web masters and site owners seeking quality free content for their sites. So apart from the immediate exposure these sites also guarantee plenty of future targeted traffic to your site, when folks find your articles useful enough to re-post at their sites.
    The more new articles you release to these sites every week, the more targeted traffic your Adsense sites will receive. This is in fact one of the most effective ways of making money consistently from Adsense clicks. One of the reasons for this is that targeted traffic will tend to spend more time at your site or sites, and the more time they spend, the higher the chances that they will click one one of the Adsense ads posted there.

    c) Ways to make money from Adsense by Using Articles And A Viral Marketing Website
    Any online marketing technique that involves the use of referral marketing or viral marketing automatically has a huge chance of being a success. The net is ideal for viral marketing and in fact gives any viral marketer huge leverage. Viral marketing or referral marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online. Just ask Bill Gates.
    When Gates was trying to play catch up on the Internet after an earlier mistake of underestimating the future importance of the net, he launched his Hotmail free email service when rivals like Yahoo already had millions of users. He decided to use a simple referral marketing technique. Every Hotmail message that went out had a brief signature at the end requesting the recipient to sign up for their free Hotmail account. Within a few short months, Hotmail had millions of users. And there are many other amazing stories which viral marketing boasts of on the net.
    There is one of the very simple ways to make money from Adsense by going viral. Sign up at a leading viral marketing site. You will automatically get your own viral site. You can then use some of your articles to point people to your viral site. The way these sites work is that anybody who signs up at your site will have to visit your Adsense site if you register it at the site. So within a very short time you will be driving thousands of visitors to your Adsense site.
    Find more details on this at my blog whose address you'll find in the resource box below.
    Admittedly this traffic is less targeted. Still the huge potential and possible numbers you are able to receive using this free tool more than makes up for this.

    d) Ways to make money from Adsense With Your Email signature
    People greatly underestimate the power and potential effectiveness of a simple email signature as one of the ways to make money online. Actually this is a viral marketing method because emails get forwarded all the time and are even copied to several other people sometimes.
    Do not waste another minute. Go to all your email accounts right now and create a signature that points to your Adsense site or sites.
    Writing effective email signatures is a skill that you will have to develop, but I have found that using famous quotes is more effective than a straight advertising message. Always remember that people hate to be advertised to online.

    e) Ways to make money from Adsense By Asking Questions At Discussion groups
    I recently had an interesting conversation with a young Internet and computer techie. He asked me whether there were quick ways to make money online by answering technical questions and helping people to solve their computer and web-related problems. My answer was that there were many discussion groups where participants would get these answers for free. I advised him that he had a better chance of making money by making use of this free advice available online rather than by trying to sell his own advice.
    There are tons of online discussion groups where leading world experts will answer your questions and give you valuable insight for free. It is amazing why most people do not think of using these online forums to learn as much as they can about the most effective ways of making money from Adsense.
    These forums can easily be found through you favorite search engine.

    f) Ways to make money from Adsense By Bartering your online skills for valuable Adsense keywords
    In the old days, before the invention of money, if somebody needed something, the first question they asked themselves was; “What is it that I already have that I can exchange for what I need? Barter trade seems to have been forgotten but it is a very powerful method of trading. More so online where people have plenty of skills but are slow to trust others enough to send them money for an item they need.
    You can barter whatever it is you have, your skills, products or services, and exchange them for genuine valuable Adsense keywords. Valuable Adsense keywords are the most effective way for a small site with low traffic to earn big cash from Adsense. And you can do this barter trade on an ongoing basis so that you always have a constant supply of valuable Adsense keywords which you can use at your site or blog as one of the ways to make more money from Adsense.

    g) Ways to make money from Adsense By Sending Teaser Emails
    To Everybody In Your Inbox And Also To Your Opt-in Email List Most of us receive tons of email in our inbox every day. You’ll be surprised at the huge number of people you know by simply going through your email inbox. No matter how good your spam filters are, you are also bound to be receiving more than your fare share of SPAM or unsolicited email. All this is “gold” lying in your email inbox and there are ways to make money using these emails. All you need to do to process the emails into pure gold is to send out “teaser emails about the most interesting aspects of content at your site. The whole objective of teaser emails is to get people to visit your site. For instance if I were to send out teaser email on this content here is how I would construct it;

    Subject: Free Tools Currently Being Used To Increase Adsense Earnings
    Just thought you might be interested in this subject, since so many folks online use Adsense these days. If not please accept my sincere apologies. Details are at my site.
    www. your site's address .com
    Regards, Chris.

    I am sure you can write an even more effective teaser email. It would be a better idea to have a different message for your close friends, a different one for your business contacts and yet another one for those nasty guys SPAMMING you.

    These are just some of the many creative ways to make money from Adsense.
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    It's worthwhile to examine Google's definition of Google AdSense and Click Fraud, before delving deeper into “AdSense Fraud”.

    Google AdSense fraud is one of the diseases that plague the Ad Words advertisers. The AdSense program essentially allows website publishers/owners to sign up with Google, enabling them to display Google Ads on their sites. These publishers essentially act as “Google Partners”. The ads chosen by the Google bot for display are contextual and the ads are related to the contents of the publisher's website, more specifically that particular web page. The intent for Google is to capitalize on the traffic to these (in practice) niche sites and provide highly direct targeted traffic to the advertiser. A subset of the users of the Google Partner website, click on those ads and Google charges the advertiser per click. Google shares the booty with the website publisher but the revenue sharing ratio falls under Google's “undisclosed “criteria. While the exact amount can be reverse engineered, the take home lesson is that the filans a course of action. He “invests” in a clickbot software( a simple google search reveals many) and gets a list of anonymous proxy addresses. He then goes to register a few domains and hires someone off of elance to create a “network of sites”and “ click bot ” . He hopes that the interlinked sites will provide each some “link popularity” and increase his page rank. If only it were that simple! He then proceeds to use the $30 clickbot to start clicking on the sites. Or he could click on them himself manually using the proxies. We don't call him click monkey for nothing. He clicks and clicks all the way to see his account getting banned. No banana for this monkey! His calls of despair to google fall on deaf ears. This person is likely to quit, but sometimes retries to get up the food chain, the Wanna -

    anna -Be Fraudster ( aka BOZO):

    This girl searches for high paying keywords like “home loan equity” (current ad words rate: $45), or “web hosting” (ad words costing $20). She correctly guesses that the AdSense payout is proportional to what Google earns and therefore homes in on such words. Her strategy is to make a page with contents that are appropriate for the targeted high payout keyword. She moves ahead by clicking on the link multiple times and recruits friends and family to give them a click. Or ten!

    Little does she knlans a course of action. He “invests” in a clickbot software( a simple google search reveals many) and gets a list of anonymous proxy addresses. He then goes to register a few domains and hires someone off of elance to create a “network of sites”and “ click bot ” . He hopes that the interlinked sites will provide each some “link popularity” and increase his page rank. If only it were that simple! He then proceeds to use the $30 clickbot to start clicking on the sites. Or he could click on them himself manually using the proxies. We don't call him click monkey for nothing. He clicks and clicks all the way to see his account getting banned. No banana for this monkey! His calls of despair to google fall on deaf ears. This person is likely to quit, but sometimes retries to get up the food chain, the Wanna -Be-Fraudster.
    Wanna -Be Fraudster ( aka BOZO):

    This girl searches for high paying keywords like “home loan equity” (current ad words rate: $45), or “web hosting” (ad words costing $20). She correctly guesses that the AdSense payout is proportional to what Google earns and therefore homes in on such words. Her strategy is to make a page with contents that are appropriate for the targeted high payout keyword. She moves ahead by clicking on the link multiple times and recruits friends and family to give them a click. Or ten!

    Little does she know that Google has a 45 day inspection period before she get her nubby little fingers on that cash. With little to no knowledge of Click through Ratio , her greed couples with her ignorance. Seeing her ill-gotten paper wealth multiplying in her AdSense interface, she increases the clicks. Google however inspects the CTR and throws a fit when they see a CTR exceeding 20%. Furthermore, Google notices clicks mostly originating from a few IP addresses and that essentially seals her fate (or rather docks her earnings). That virtual cash is now just some deleted bytes on a hard disk on Google's servers. She moans, nay she rail against the cruelty of Google's policy. Some of these people wisely cease and desist such activities, perhaps philosophizing about the NFL (no free lunch) theorem. Others however see it as ground school for the next stage of nefarious behavior. The Almost-There Fraudster.

    Almost-There Fraudster ( aka SmartAlec ):

    The archetypical ATF is supremely confident in his ability to fool Google. Like the BOZO, he looks for high paying keywords and makes appropriate website(s). Let's assume that he is in a third world country, just to make the case more interesting. The case described here is 1 year old news. He has read this article and taken the learnt the subsequent lesson . He knows that that the clicks from the IP Addresses of USA, UK & Canada are worth much more than the clicks from the IP Addresses from the third world countries. He therefore seeks to befriend people from such IP addresses by logging onto messenger services.
    This way, he gets the unique, unrelated IP clicks and (he hopes) that Google is fooled. Remember “creature of the night”. Well, these people typically are more than a few time zone removed from the US or Canada and therefore are up at odd hours whenever they feel that their targets are most likely to be active. Plus they sometimes have to deal with “inconveniences” like a day job.
    AT fraud thinks that the clicks he obtained by trolling on these sites is a job well done. He has got clicks from the IP address of his choice .. An interesting factoid is that for AdSense, state also matters. Clicks from Washington and New York State have the highest payout for AdSense Fraud.

    He has just one problem. His tragic flaw. While he worked so hard to get the unique IP and high earnings, he is not able to maintain a good CTR. He is likely to cross the limit of 30-40% of daily CTR and 10-20% of overall CTR. He ends up in the same purgatory as the BOZO. The account is banned, and he gets the abominated email. Yes, the “AdSense account closure”. Almost-There is never good enough in this nether world of AdSense gaming. Although it is possible that he would have made a few thousand dollars before the punishment catches up to his crime. Crime doesn't quite pay, now does it? Well, gentle reader, unfortunately crime _is_ paying to the next category. Fraudster Maestro ( aka Satan's Spawn).
    Fraudster Maestro ( aka Satan's Spawn):

    This category of fraudsters is the most sophisticated and rarely gets caught by google . She has researched the high paying keywords as well as the CTR issues well. She has the smoothest lines in the business of soliciting clicks. She can flirt online, and ask to click the “link” for her picture. Or she may claim that clicking the link causes the hungry child to be fed in Ethiopia . Let's follow a typical “simple” chat session:
    AT Fraud: hi
    US User : hello
    AT Fraud: what are your coordinates, handsome?
    US User : NY , NY
    AT Fraud: Oh! Wish I could be there. Can you help out a damsel in distress?
    US User : sure
    AT Fraud: I have made a site and want to see if all the links on this page are working or not. Can you please click on the links and see if the other page loads?
    US User: Sure. Link?
    AT Fraud: www.fraudstersite.com/high-value-keyword-page.html
    US User : wait! Yes I checked all the links and they are working fine.
    AT Fraud: Thanks
    US User : so can we talk about you now? ( Message Not Delivered as the fraudster has blocked the User and is busy looking for a new victim)
    And she has lots of tricks up her repertoire besides chatting up strangers. She knows about opt in lists, usenet and blogs where she can snare the victims. Technically savvy and able to empathize with her victims she doesn't let arrogance get in her way to success. Since she is very mindful of the CTR issues she has a secret weapon. She has optimized her site for some low paying keywords which are really not competitive. She organically gets lots of traffic (but for things unrelated to those competitive high paying keywords). In her website, she may be giving away free greeting cards Or free screensavers. End result is a fabulous impression count. The second step for her is to makes unrelated pages on the same site and these pages pertain to the high paying keywords. These keywords are used to attract the victims of chat sessions. The process of getting the clicks is different but the results due to CTR are very lucrative.
    So, how does all this geek talk affect the PPC advertiser? It's a $5 billion+ dollar market(for exact projections onto the future, please check out our FAQ, and with a 20% + fraud rate, we are talking about a 1 BILLION dollars fraud per year. Even Dr. Evil may be impressed by such a number. It's greater than the cumulative GNP of a few banana republics. And a fair chunk is ending up in the coffers of these fraudsters. We know from anecdotal evidence, how people are clearing up to 20 grand a month. All, courtesy of the hapless PPC advertiser.

    We want to emphasize that there are lots of authentic sites serving genuine content. But unfortunately the existence of these people (as discussed above) reduces the ROI of many advertisers to the extent that they rethink their interest in PPC. In the word of one of our organic SEO customers, with PPC “you always get a little less back than you put in”. It needn't be that way, if you watch carefully where your ad words traffic is coming from and take some steps (such as traffic analysis or at the very least a log file analysis) to protect arm yourself with data for a refund claim for google. Another thing to keep in mind is to stay nimble. Convincing search engines to refund money is a lot tougher and a lot more work than proactively watching for problem visitors and warning them of the repeated clicks and how they are being monitored. Our experience shows that all but the hardened criminals are deterred(reducing the adwords wasted burden). Remember, an ounce of prevention…
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    Google, being one of the most undisputed search engine leaders is now placing higher importance on the quality and relevancy of its search engine results. Even more so today, now that the company is publicly traded and there are shareholders to satisfy.

    For this same reason, doing the wrong things as a Adsense advertising partner, whether intentionally or not, may result in a severe penalty or even having your account terminated.
    So, for those who are thinking of starting a career in Adsense, it's a good idea to not only think about the strategies you will be use to generate more earnings but to also be aware of activities that will, more than likely, shorten your career.

    The following is a list of things you will definitely want to avoid:

    Hidden text. Filling your advertisement page with text to small to read which has the same color as the background and uses css (cascading style sheets) for the sole purpose of loading them with keyword-rich content and copy, will earn you a penalty award given to those who are hiding links.

    Page cloaking. This is the common practice of using a browser or bot sniffers to serve the bots of a different page other than the page the surfer is expecting to see. Loading a page with a bot that a human user will never see is a definite no-no. The goal here is to trick the surfer into visiting a web page you want seen but that the visitor might not have gone to.

    Multiple submissions. For example, trying to submit one URL as two separate ones. This is definitely inviting trouble and even Adsense account termination. This is good reason to avoid auto submitters. Check first to see if your domain has already been submitted to a certain search engine before you try to submit to it again. If you see it there, then move on.

    Link farms. Be wary of who and what are you linking your Adsense to. The search engines know that you cannot control your links in but you can certainly control what you link to. Link farming has always been a rotten apple in the eyes of search engines, especially Google. That is reason enough to try and avoid them. Having more than 100 links on a single page will classify you as a link farm, so be sure to keep that number under that.

    Page rank for sale. If you have been online for some time, you might have noticed some sites selling their page rank links or trading them with other sites. If you are doing this, expect a ban anytime. It is okay to sell ads or acquire the link.

    But combining this advertising with your Adsense advertisement pages is a way to get on the search engine's bad side.

    Doorways. This is similar to cloaking pages. It is the common practice of a page loaded with choice keyword ads aimed at
    redirecting visitors to another “user-friendly” page is a big issue among search engines. There are many SEO firms offering this service. Again, you will want to avoid using this technique.

    Multiple domains having the same content. In case you are not aware of it, search engines look at domain IP’s, registry dates and many other things. Having multiple domains with the same exact content is not something you can hide from them.

    The same is true with content multiplied many times on separate pages,sub domains and forwarding multiple domains to pages displaying duplicate content.

    Many of the rules above apply to most search engines and are not exclusively Google's. By building your sites with content-rich pages which are designed for human users and not for bots, and by avoiding those things listed above, you can look forward to a successful Adsense advertising partnership experience, not to mention, avoiding the wrath of the search engines and getting your account terminated.
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    Making money online from PPC programs such as Adsense or YPN usually means you need to have at least one website. For a professional look most free hosting companies don’t balance out with the image you need to portray to be taken seriously, by Adsense and your visitors. Free hosting companies are notorious for showing their own ads, banning sites set up for commerce, rationing out bandwidth and giving out urls that look like yoursite.somehostingcompany.com.
    Now lets say you go with the run-of-the-mill free hosting companies and get all the lovely features I just mentioned. You set up your site, put a few pages up with some content and apply for inclusion to Adsense. In about a couple days you get an email from Google thanking you for your application but politely declining to admit your site.

    What probably happened is this. Spammers sometimes use free hosting companies to set up made-for-adsense only pages with only content pulled from other sites and keyword rich but offering no real value. When Google catches up to them and bans their account they note the domain from which that offending account was located. So if they start to blacklist somehostingcompany.com and your site is located at yoursite.someostingcompany.com then its a case of you being on the wrong host at the wrong time.

    Thats where Doteasy comes in.I’ve dealt with them for a few sites years ago and never had a problem. You get your hosting free with them with some of the features that you would expect from a bargain hosting plan, but there is a catch. You have to register a domain name with them to be eligible for the free hosting. This isn’t a bad thing, you actually end up paying less overall than you would if you registered your domain on your own and got some budget hosting and getting a good domain name should be one of the first steps you make.

    Doteasy throws in 10 personalized email addresses, 100MB of hosting, 1GB of bandwidth, free site design tools and support. Not bad for free with no forced advertising and perfect for a basic site which you can build on. They do have paid hosting plans that you can upgrade to should your needs grow.

    Adsense millionaires and those who make in the six figure range annually will more often than not preach about having Adsense on more than one website to maximize the exposure. With Doteasy free hosting, you just got one step closer to making that happen.
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    How would you like to increase your adsense profits, almost triple fold, in just 7days or less? Well it is possible if you are willing to work at it.
    Here is how.

    The very first thing you need to do is find a niche with a lot of traffic. Simple thing if you know the basic human needs. Think about how many people will love to learn to improve their health, or how many people visit dating sites or weight loss as a good instance. Those are niches with high volume traffic. That’s the kind of niche you need to think up.

    I recommend you pencil about 3 of such niches to start with, then begin to create an “adsense train”. An adsense train is simply a bunch of stand-alone sites targeted at high volume traffic.
    The easiest way to build such a site is to setup a blog and that’s what we will stick to. So go to a place like http://blogger.com or http://wordpress.com and setup a blog.

    Now, if you can write articles for those niches, go ahead and write a couple of articles and post them on your blog plus submit them to article directories across the web. If you can’t write, hire someone to do it at a place like freelancewriting.com

    Finally, go to google and setup an adword campaign to advertise your blog and let it run for a couple of days. The purpose is to allow google to pick up your blog quickly. After a few days, you can decide to turn it off.

    Now to make it dead simple. Just locate good articles written by others and post it to your blog weekly at places like http://articlejoint.com, http://ezinearticles.com
    Just do this whole process for 3 to 7 niches and watch your adsense profits shoot through the roof almost overnight.

    Ooops, I forgot to tell you to include your adsense codes on those blogs of yours!
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    For some years now, there has been so much noise about how Google is making so many people rich through its advertising program, Google Adsense. To so many people, Adsense is the lazy man's way to online riches. All you need do is put up a quality website and drive massive traffic to the website and VOILA! You will start making money.
    There has been so many information all over the Internet on Google Adsense and we can't just have enough of those information. I have been studying a lot of materials and I decided to summarize what everybody has been saying about Google Adsense into five simple steps. If followed, these steps will help you start making money from Google Adsense as soon as possible.

    1) The first secret of making money with Adsense is that you need quality content to offer the visitors to your website. Without quality content, you won't ever be indexed by the Search Engines! If you ever get listed on the numerous search engines with contents that are not worth it, people may visit your website, but they will NEVER stay. They will leave as soon as they enter.
    So take this step so SERIOUS! Quality content make people stay on your website and by staying, they may find an ad that will interest them to warrant them clicking on your ad thereby making you money.

    2) The second secret is that you need to update your website CONSTANTLY! What will it be like for you if you visit a website and all you see, is the same content you saw about two months ago? I am sure you won't waste your time on such a website. If you don't want the same to happen to your website then you need to keep updating the website.
    You can set a schedule for the updating of the websites, if you run a blog, you may have to be updating it on a daily basis. If it is a website, then a weekly or monthly schedule will be ok. If you can’t do it on a regular basis, just ensure that you do the updating once in a while.

    3) To make money from Google Adsense, you will also need original contents. Why should people come to your website when they can get the same information you are offering from thousands other websites? We are in the world of auto-generated contents and so many people are just doing the same thing over and over again. You shouldn’t be one of these people doing the same thing.
    You need to be different in order to be heard or seen online. It doesn’t take so much time for you to come up with unique and quality content for your website. In fact, you can help your efforts by volumes if you just add 2-4 original articles to your website so that it can make it unique from what others are doing.

    4) One advice you need to heed when creating your website for Adsense is the need for you to be careful when using software to create your website. So many people use the same software and the same template for their websites. By doing this, you may succeed in fooling a lot of people, but the Search Engines will NEVER fall for this. This is because they have duplicate content filters and your website may be caught by them.
    The best way to solve this is to use your own custom template for building your own websites when using any of these softwares. This will give your website an originality that is peculiar to you alone and you will also have the personality of your website intact.

    5) Lastly, you will need to edit your ads to match the look of your website. When you do this, the ads will not be, in any way, different from your website and this will make it easier for your visitors to click on them. Make sure that when your visitors finish reading your site’s content, they get something to do next. This will be the click on your ad!
    Friend, you have in your hand an easy-to-follow guide you can start exploiting NOW if you want to see an increase in your Adsense earnings this very moment.
    This is to your success in your Adsense business.
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    Your probably reading this article because you use Google Adwords to bring traffic to your website, or your a click fraudster yourself, wanting to see what kind of information I have for you. Most of you click fraudsters will think that I have no idea what I am talking about, and that I do not know your methods. Well, trust me buddy, I KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU DO.
    If you are new to the click fraud scene, here is an example:
    1. Scumbag puts Google Adsense ads on his website.
    2. The scumbag then proceeds to cheat Google Adsense by creating false clickthroughs and impressions, in return earning him a pretty nice profit, because he isn't even working on his website, just generating false traffic.
    All of you people that run campaigns through Google Adwords are thinking, "This guy has no idea what he is talking about, Google has everything under control and they even state so publicly!"
    WOW! What kind of pay per click company would admit that they DO NOT have click fraud under control? I wonder what would happen to their business immediately following that statement.
    Estimates say that nearly 20% of all clicks for Adsense are illegitimate. In my honest opinion I believe this number to be around 30-35% from some of the things I have seen.
    Alrite, now the big question, how are they doing it?
    There are a number of ways that people are cheating, including the 'click groups' from India that click on your ads for you and create big pay checks as long as you pay them their $0.50 an hour so they can buy bread for their family.
    But I'm going to show you the technical way that Google Adsense is cheated, not poor people clicking ads. I'm talking about extremely smart programmers that create hitbots to cheat Adsense. And, NO, I'm not talking about that piece of garbage 'CACA' or Clicking Agent that you find on Google. I am talking about PRIVATE programs and scripts that are only used by private groups.
    How do these scripts get away undetected you ask?
    Simple, let's actually take a look at Google's click fraud protection (This is what I have summed up, I seriously don't believe they have anything other protection because people are still cheating using these methods as you read this article.)
    If you actually take a look at Google's Adsense code when it is on your webpage you will find the URL that is used to retrieve ads. (Right-Clck your ad Iframe and click 'View Page Information' or something similar.)
    Here is an example of the URL that you will find:
    Now let's decode this up a little bit, shall we?
    client=ca-pub-2521202633232871 - Your client code, this tells Google who to assign the click-through money to.
    dt=1124847235453 - Javascript, if you use the command google_date = new Date(); document.write(google_date.getTime()) --- Which generates 1124847235453.
    This shows you the number of milliseconds since midnite January 1, 1970. This is what seems to be Google's biggest automated proxy clicker fraud prevention. Doesn't seem too hard to generate with 2 lines of code now does it?
    lmt=1124631699 - The last time your webpage was updated. LMT stands for Last Modified Time, pretty easy Javascript to generate this one too - document.write(document.lastModified); --- Which generates 1124631699.
    (Notice I'm skipping a bunch, that's because they are just showing the type of ad, colors, and size that you are using.)
    cc=59 - Seems to be some random number based on the screen width, height, and color scheme. I've seen this number go from 20 all the way up to 400. I'm sure they don't use this to reliably track click fraud.
    u_h=768 - Height of your screen settings.
    u_w=1024 - Width of your screen settings.
    u_ah=738 - Your available screen height.
    u_aw=1024 - Your available screen width.
    u_cd=32 - Color scheme on windows, e.g. 32-bit.
    u_tz=-240 - Your monitor refresh rate or something else that isn't important, I've never seen it not -240.
    u_java=true - Just seeing if you have java enabled.
    There are some other variables that are sometimes in the URL such as 'u_his=' this means how many pages you have visited since you started up your browser. There's also some MIME type checks and how many plugins you have installed, but these variables come up very rarely. I think they are only meant for Netscape/Firefox browsers.
    Now that we have 'decoded' the supposed unbeatable Google Adsense code, what do you think about click fraud? You still think it is rare?
    After randomizing all the data and sending an automated query to their Adsense URL, all the scumbag has to do is parse out all of Google's click URL's and click one of them, giving him a click through. This can all be easily faked with even a Visual Basic program. A newbie programmer could in-fact cheat Google Adsense without much knowledge.
    Alrite you say, they beat the javascript code detection but doesn't Google use cookies so they can't do this?
    No, Google does not use cookies for Adsense.
    Well what about IP-tracking? Someone can't have that many proxies!
    There are click groups that leave these programs running on their computer. They each randomly click each other's URL's automatically. The person running the program doesn't even have to do anything, but he is still contributing to the success of their group and himself.
    Does that sound too far-fetched? I am telling you that there are click groups that do this now and have been since the old Linkshare PPC days in 1999. Yes, if you were an advertiser on Linkshare back around 1999-2002, you got RAPED.
    And that isn't all. I have read on the internet that there is currently over 100,000 people infected in the United States alone with trojan proxy servers. These proxy servers run on random ports so that Google can't just do a simple port 8080 or 80 check on it to see if it's a proxy. The majority of these proxy servers are used for credit card fraud, but a lot of them are also used to cheat Google Adsense and other pay per click programs. These proxies are at-home users that look like normal dial-up, cable, and dsl users from all across the world, but mainly United States. There is NO WAY to prove that they are a proxy.
    Random User-Agent strings is another tactic that is often used by click fraudsters. This makes Google think that a lot of different browsers are clicking the links, just keeping them further from finding out the truth.
    On a side note, you may be thinking that the new Yahoo! pay per click program may be the way to go. I checked into their protection and guess what? They are only using ONE of Google's protections and that is the Javascript GetTime. They are still in Beta though and this may change, but who knows?
    To the cheaters: The benefits of cheating are short. Eventually you will be caught for what you are doing and maybe even sued by Google. There is a ton of money to be made legally with Adsense and I suggest that you stop cheating. Who am I to tell you to stop? I use to be one of you! Back when I was 13-14 I was making programs like the ones you guys are using now. You guys probably used one of my programs at one time. I am happy to say that those days of mine are all in the past now, and I am making a good amount of money LEGALLY with Adsense and other affiliate programs. Work hard guys and you will reap the benefits 100 times what you make cheating.
    To the advertisers: You people that use Google Adwords now see that it is actually not very hard to cheat you out of your money, so be careful and MAKE SURE that you use a click fraud protection script such as ClickDefense. To lower most of your click fraud, just don't put your ads in the Content Network, only stay on Google's sponsored search results. Only Google gets paid when someone clicks the search results sponsored ads and nobody wants to cheat to make Google anymore money do they? Check the stock, it's currently at 279.58 a share.
    To summarize my article I just want to state that no one should use this information for cheating Adsense and I am not responsible for your actions if you choose to do so. You will be caught because Google will evolve and get smarter, eventually.
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