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  • Saturday, December 23, 2006
    Google, being one of the most undisputed search engine leaders is now placing higher importance on the quality and relevancy of its search engine results. Even more so today, now that the company is publicly traded and there are shareholders to satisfy.

    For this same reason, doing the wrong things as a Adsense advertising partner, whether intentionally or not, may result in a severe penalty or even having your account terminated.
    So, for those who are thinking of starting a career in Adsense, it's a good idea to not only think about the strategies you will be use to generate more earnings but to also be aware of activities that will, more than likely, shorten your career.

    The following is a list of things you will definitely want to avoid:

    Hidden text. Filling your advertisement page with text to small to read which has the same color as the background and uses css (cascading style sheets) for the sole purpose of loading them with keyword-rich content and copy, will earn you a penalty award given to those who are hiding links.

    Page cloaking. This is the common practice of using a browser or bot sniffers to serve the bots of a different page other than the page the surfer is expecting to see. Loading a page with a bot that a human user will never see is a definite no-no. The goal here is to trick the surfer into visiting a web page you want seen but that the visitor might not have gone to.

    Multiple submissions. For example, trying to submit one URL as two separate ones. This is definitely inviting trouble and even Adsense account termination. This is good reason to avoid auto submitters. Check first to see if your domain has already been submitted to a certain search engine before you try to submit to it again. If you see it there, then move on.

    Link farms. Be wary of who and what are you linking your Adsense to. The search engines know that you cannot control your links in but you can certainly control what you link to. Link farming has always been a rotten apple in the eyes of search engines, especially Google. That is reason enough to try and avoid them. Having more than 100 links on a single page will classify you as a link farm, so be sure to keep that number under that.

    Page rank for sale. If you have been online for some time, you might have noticed some sites selling their page rank links or trading them with other sites. If you are doing this, expect a ban anytime. It is okay to sell ads or acquire the link.

    But combining this advertising with your Adsense advertisement pages is a way to get on the search engine's bad side.

    Doorways. This is similar to cloaking pages. It is the common practice of a page loaded with choice keyword ads aimed at
    redirecting visitors to another “user-friendly” page is a big issue among search engines. There are many SEO firms offering this service. Again, you will want to avoid using this technique.

    Multiple domains having the same content. In case you are not aware of it, search engines look at domain IP’s, registry dates and many other things. Having multiple domains with the same exact content is not something you can hide from them.

    The same is true with content multiplied many times on separate pages,sub domains and forwarding multiple domains to pages displaying duplicate content.

    Many of the rules above apply to most search engines and are not exclusively Google's. By building your sites with content-rich pages which are designed for human users and not for bots, and by avoiding those things listed above, you can look forward to a successful Adsense advertising partnership experience, not to mention, avoiding the wrath of the search engines and getting your account terminated.
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